Ten Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

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10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day…which means a lot of people will spend a lot of money on fancy dinners out and gifts for their sweetheart. But what if money’s tight? Or you can’t find a sitter? In my upcoming Valentine’s release, The Cupid Caper, two high school teachers get caught up in the craziness of the school’s annual matchmaking fundraiser. They’re sent on a mini scavenger hunt along with their students and wind up finding more than just clues–they find happily ever after!

If you’ve already found your own happily ever after, and you’re looking to celebrate Cupid’s Big Day in a festive but frugal way, maybe you need to put the kiddos to bed a little earlier and have a fabulous date night without ever leaving home.

1) Create your own wine bar. Get a few of your favorite bottles, some cheese and crackers, and your favorite music.
2) Bon voyage. Fire up the laptop and plan your next vacation or your dream vacation. There’s no rule that says you can’t incorporate #1 into this as well.
3) International night. Use this great cookbook to make a fancy lasagna, grab some breadsticks (ok, and a bottle of wine), and don’t forget the gelato! Pair it with an old Sophia Loren flick. Grab some fish and chips, a pint, and any Hugh Grant movie–and voila, you’re in England!
4) Cooking challenge. I love Iron Chef. Why not pick a theme ingredient and challenge your sweetie to a cook-off?
5) Candlelight cuddle. Turn off all the lights. Use flashlights, glowsticks, candles…whatever sets a cozy mood.
6) I Do, Part 2: Pop some champagne, buy some slices of fancy cake at your local bakery, and sit down to watch your wedding DVD.
7) Game night: Pick out your favorite board game (there’s no shame in pulling out the kids’ box of Chutes and Ladders!). Winner gets a foot rub. Or some other prize…
8) The perfect match. Look up some personality tests online and learn more about each other. Are you the perfect match? Get started with some of these: Myers-Briggs, The Five Love Languages, The Color Code
9)Do Nothing! Sometimes, especially when you have kids, what you need more than anything is a night off. Maybe just to sleep ā€” and snuggle!

Or maybe…if you’re feeling really rebellious…

10) Skip work and do something fun. Let school be your babysitter and have a great Valentine’s date during daylight hours! After all, the actual definition of elope is “to run away.” Running away from work sounds like a holiday celebration everyone could love. Well, except maybe your boss. šŸ™‚

What’s your favorite date night?

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      I think #1 would definitely improve all of them. Think of it as the upgrade option on each subsequent idea.


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