All Natural Remedies for Teething Using Essential Oils

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Natural Teething Remedies with Essential Oils

If you’re a parent, it’s the stage you dread almost as much as those so-called “Terrible Twos” (which I’m pretty sure should be renamed the “Terrible Threes” because two is comparatively a breeze, but I digress). It’s TEETHING. And in the Real Time House, Redhead2 is right in the middle of it.

Times four.

Poor kiddo has one, two, three, four teeth coming in right now.They are big ol’ nasty bumps on her gums, one with the tooth just erupting through.

And erupting is the right word, because right now, she also has the accompanying temperament of a volcano.

So I went in search of some natural remedies. In the past, I’ve used homeopathic teething tablets. They worked perfectly for Redhead1. They were our lifeline. But with Redhead2, she often seems to need something a little more. I’ve been learning a lot about essential oils lately, and I decided to see what combinations I could use to bring a little relief to my tooth machine.

Here’s what we tried and it worked phenomenally. She settled down in under a minute.

1) Real vanilla extract. Rub it on the gums. It’s tasty and the little bit of alcohol in the tincture makes the gums a little numb.

2) Lavender essential oil. Rub one drop on the jaw line. (This is the essential oil I use in my house. It’s organic and therapeutic grade.)

3) Lavender + chamomile essential oil. I put two drops of each in a generous tablespoon of coconut oil and mixed. Then I applied a swipe to each foot and rubbed in. Put socks over the feet and reapply every 15-30 minutes as needed. These two have a calming effect.

Clove oil is supposed to work well directly applied to the gums, too, in lieu of the vanilla extract, but we didn’t have any, so I went with the vanilla and it worked well.

One thing to note about essential oils is that you want to make sure you’re getting your essential oils from a quality, reputable source. They must be organic and therapeutic grade. The oils you can buy in most grocery and health food stores are generally scent-grade. They are fine if you’re making soaps and cleaners, but they are not what you want to use on your skin or ingest or use on your kids. Click this link for a brand I recommend and trust.

I’ve been so impressed with the way essential oils have worked quickly and efficiently for my family recently and I’ll be sharing more with you soon. But if your house is like mine, this teething post couldn’t wait! The good news is, everyone will be able to get some extra sleep AND lose the ear plugs.

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