Port Provident: Hurricane Hope

Port Provident: Hurricane Hope

One Texas beachside town finds reasons to love, courtesy of a storm named Hope

Shelter from the Storm

Port Provident: Hurricane Hope - Book 1

Two rivals trapped together. Will love's high winds knock down their walls?

Becca Collins can’t turn away from an animal in need. So with a hurricane approaching and the last bus off the island refusing to allow a senior to bring her dog, the self-reliant shelter director agrees to stay back and provide care. And with the geriatric canine needing special food and medicine, she’ll have to beg her least favorite DVM for help.

Former Army combat veterinarian Ross Reeder wants to escape the gale-force destruction before it triggers his pooch’s PTSD. But when the infuriating woman from the animal sanctuary needs his assistance with an elderly lab, he’s forced to remain and ride out the tempest with her. And though he wouldn’t have believed it possible, their shared experience of surviving melts his granite heart.

Working side by side to rescue lost pets, Becca finds herself falling for the commanding doggie doc… until a ghost from her past threatens her future. And as Ross contemplates his options in the wake of the devastation, his best opportunity to start over could mean leaving her behind.

Can two enemies face unthinkable loss and rebuild their forever while finding unexpected true love?

Shelter from the Storm is the heartwarming first book in the Port Provident: Hurricane Hope Christian romance series. If you like resilient women, strong men, and faith-filled stories, then you’ll adore Kristen Ethridge’s sweet tale.

Buy Shelter from the Storm to find hope, heart, and happily-ever-after today!

The Doctor's Unexpected Family

Port Provident: Hurricane Hope - Book 2


Dr. Pete Shipley is on a mission to save lives around the world. City Councilwoman Angela Ruiz is a single parent fighting to hold together her hometown after Hurricane Hope tears through Port Provident, leaving destruction across the community she has sworn to serve.

Together, they team up to found The Grace Space, a community gathering spot in the heart of Angela's district, where residents can get food, household goods, and basic medical care in the aftermath of the storm. It becomes a place where the community's spirit can heal--and a place where Pete's care begins to heal Angela's stressed-out heart as well.

When Pete's long-awaited appointment to an international medical mission comes, will the doctor follow his lifelong dream and leave Port Provident, The Grace Space, and Angela and her daughter--or will he stay with the family he didn't expect to love and change the world without leaving home? Start The Doctor's Unexpected Family now and find out how Pete and Angela use true love to change their hometown.

His Texas Princess

Port Provident: Hurricane Hope - Book 3


Her Royal Highness Princess Anneliese de Cotriaro is trying to find her place in the world--and in the kingdom of San Petro, a small paradise off the coast of Central America. She believes there is more to her life than simply being "the spare" to the crown's heir and having her every move followed by paparazzi after a broken engagement. Because Port Provident, Texas, is a sister city to San Petro's capital city of Rosada, when Princess Anneliese sees the images of destruction from Hurricane Hope in the news, she knows this is the opportunity she's been praying for to show she's a woman of substance.

Matt McGregor is used to disasters. Working with Helping Hands Homes, he's returned to his hometown after the hurricane with an ambitious goal to renovate 100 damaged homes by Christmas. When the national office tells him they've been able to score a PR opportunity with the visiting princess of San Petro to work on one of the houses and help raise the funds they'll need to achieve their goals, Matt sees imminent disaster. Building a house is hard work and he needs committed volunteers--not a prissy princess who is sure to be afraid to get her hands dirty.

Can a princess in search of a mission make a difference in the world of a blue-collar man who can't afford distractions to his work?

His Texas Princess

Port Provident: Hurricane Hope - Book 4


For four generations, Bretton's on the Boardwalk, a store dedicated to Christmas, has greeted tourists who come to Port Provident, but after Hurricane Hope tears through town, Jessica Bretton is left with a pile of bills to pay and no tourists visiting her store. She doesn't want to fail her family by closing the doors to the store, but she can't hold on much longer.

As Director of the Park Board of Port Provident, Bradley Thorpe is responsible for getting tourists to Provident Island. It's been almost three months since Hurricane Hope tore through the island, and while there's much work to be done, people are ready to get back to normal. The local economy is strained and it looks like the Christmas season is going to be an unhappy holiday.

When Jessica suggests reviving a Christmas celebration from Port Provident's history books, Bradley is unconvinced. His role is to drive the local economy, not plan parties. Could a woman who celebrates Christmas all year long change the heart of a man who's more interested in the bottom line than a season of hope? And could a little Christmas cheer be just what Port Provident needs to rebuild?